Monday, August 17, 2009

The Catch of the Day

Commercial fishermen, seafood dealers, and local restaurant owners from Brunswick County have joined forces to create Brunswick Catch, a local seafood recognition program. The program is an effort to promote the long history of the Brunswick County seafood industry that is in peril due to population growth, fluctuations in fuel costs, and influx of lower-cost imported seafood. The program’s ultimate goal is to sustain the livelihood and heritage of the Brunswick County seafood program through public education and promotion.

The Brunswick Catch website states, “We hope to increase the demand for locally harvested seafood among residents and visitors, with a long term goal of making Brunswick Catch seafood a recognized brand throughout the eastern United States” (

Whenever someone mentions the history of Brunswick County one thing that comes to mind are fishermen. If you have ever visited the Yacht Basin in Southport, you have come into contact with some of the nicest and oldest fishermen in the business. Their knowledge of the seafood industry is extensive! Restaurants throughout the area have helped this small market grow as many turn to these local providers for the freshest seafood. Top quality seafood, such as shrimp, blue crabs, grouper, flounder, oysters, and clams have all been harvested from the area. The program was formed with the assistance of Brunswick County Economic Development Commission, Brunswick County Commissioners, North Carolina Sea Grant and Carteret Catch

The Aquarium’s Local Catch program initiative has generated a great deal of interest from the community. The mission of the program is to create awareness about sustainable fisheries, and that fisheries are seasonal. Each card presents a different set of “Quality Counts” tips for selecting seasonal fresh seafood. Sustainable harvesting means we will enjoy seafood today and in the future. Species listed as North Carolina “Local Catch” are managed for long-term viability.

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