Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camper Chronicles Week 7 / Day 5

The last day of animal keeper camp was a sad day for the campers. They reminisced about their week long adventure and their favorite activities. Here is what they had to say.

Shelby, “The best part of camp was shadowing an Aquarist.”

Mady, “The last day. My favorite part of camp was when we got to talk to the diver in the tank and when we went to the beach. “

Conner, “I loved two great things about camp, cleaning a fish tank and talking to the diver.”

Sarah, “I loved holding the mud snake and talking to the diver.”

Quentin, “The best part of camp overall was the beach.”

Jacob, “The best part of keeper camp would either be going to Zeke’s Island (traveling by canoe) or shadowing Aquarists. I loved feeding the animals and paddling to the island.”

Andrew, “This camp was really fun and great. We went to the beach and got a pizza party. We learned a lot and we had fun.”

Kirstyn, “I love camp! It has been so much fun. Everything we have done has been filled with action packed awesomeness! I LOVE THIS CAMP!”

Haley, “Overall, my favorite part of camp was canoeing to Zeke’s Island and going to the touch tank. I think this is an awesome camp.”

Kristin, “My favorite part of this week was meeting Jenny, Andy, and all my new friends.”

Gabrielle, “My favorite part overall was the pizza party, watching a shark come in, and canoeing.”

Alex, “My favorite part was the pizza party.”

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