Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camper Chronicles Week 8 / Day 2

Day two of Animal Keeper camp was a day filled with beach fun! The campers hung out at the beach all morning, and afterwards learned how to take care of animals that reside at the Aquarium. Here is what they had to say.

Avery, “My favorite part was swimming.”

Aquarist Sarah, “I liked feeding the baby seahorses and seeing the clownfish exhibit from the top. Did you know that seahorses eat brine shrimp, which are the critters we all “sea monkeys”?”

Abby, “I think that feeding the animals is great. My favorite part was cutting and preparing the food. It was great.”

Eason, “The thing I liked about being an Aquarist was that you get to see how different it is behind the scenes then it is when you’re a visitor.”

Harris, “I liked that I learned a lot about octopus, like that they can fit through anything this is the size of their beak.”

Rob, “My favorite part about being a keeper is taking care of the snakes.”

Hannah, “The thing I liked the most was that we got to hold a snake, also that we got to “play””

Ashley, “Being an Aquarist is so much fun you see things other people can’t! You feed and take care of all the animals. Thanks, it’s so cool!”

Kylee, “My favorite part about being a keeper is that I saw a jellyfish eat and they throw shrimp in an octopus tank.”

George, “My favorite part was holding the snake and letting it slither all over me, and feeding the poison dart frogs fruit flies.”

Chyanne, “I liked making gel food and feeding one of the exhibits fish and gel food.”

Alana, “The thing I liked about being an Aquarist today was chopping up the fish. I also enjoyed feeding the fish and watching them swarm around food.”

Morgan, “One thing I liked about being an Aquarist was that I got to find dart frogs, they were all hiding.”

Preston, “The thing I liked about being an Aquarist is I got to help prepare food and feed it to the animals.”

Kirra, “My favorite part about being an Aquarist was getting to feed the octopus shrimp.”

Cameron, “My favorite part was that I got to feed the animals.”

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