Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2 as Animal Keepers

Tuesday brought with it more times helping take care of the animals and more fun learning!

Sophia: We fed the seahorses.

Alana: Today I learned how seahorses eat.

Corbin: We went canoeing to an island. Today I fed fish and learned that when you feed them you can't just put it all in the same place. We made salt water using these big tubs of salt.

Alex: I learned that jellyfish eat by sucking up their food through tentacles.

Daniel: Today I cut up a fish and a bunch of other stuff. I learned that baby jellies can't hurt you and it was fun!

Jacob: Today my group fed jellyfish. First we cut up the fish. Then we put them in a blender and got out all of the water. We took it to the jellyfish and watched them eat.

Charley: Today I learned how to make a batch of saltwater and feed krill to fish.

Spencer: Today I learned as an animal keeper that the sand tiger and sand bar sharks have to be kept in two different tanks.

Cameron: I had a great time canoeing today. I was making salt water and I loved feeding the fish today.

Hannah: Today I learned that brown star fish (sea star) are smaller than other starfish.

Mary Elizabeth: Today we helped the animal keepers feed the snakes mice and fish blood worms. I learned that they get the mice frozen.

Mary Beth: Today we went canoeing. Then we went swimming. Then we came back and had lunch. Then we helped the aquarium keeper. At last, we learned about amphibians and reptiles.

Hanz: Today I learned you can tell a boy blue crab from a girl blue crab!

Katherine: Today we went canoeing and stopped at Zeke's Island and swam. Later we went to the holding tanks and fed the snakes mice.

Matthew: As an animal keeper, I learned how to make a fish smoothie and how to feed jellyfish.

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