Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ocean Explorers Explore the Salt Marsh

On day two of Animal Keeper Aquarium summer camp, the Ocean Explorers took a trip to the salt marsh to partake in some crabbing and fun! This is what they had to say about there salt filled day:

Jonathan, "My favorite part of today was going to a salt marsh and feeding a dead mouse to a snake!"

Erin, "Today I learned that horse shoe crab's mouths are in the center of their legs when we fed them. We also learned that low tide is a bad time to go to the salt marsh."

Kailey, "Today behind the scenes our group fed dead mice to a cornsnake. Snakes swallow their food whole. You could see the lump of the mouse go down the body. We also cleaned bags of fish waste and saw baby alligators, albino turtles, snakes, and fish."

Maren, "Today me and my group fed some of the fish they are going to put on display. One of them was a lobster, and we also got to help feed the horseshoe crabs. Then we cleaned out the quails cage. We got to pet a quail too! What we learned today was that horseshoe crabs had to be hand fed."

Emily, "Today I got to do a lot of things! I got to feed fish, lobster, and part of the touch tank! I learned that there is something behind the pond and inside there are ducks."

William, "Today I went behind the scenes and we fed a large snake and an eastern king snake a mouse, and the cornsnake swallowed it hole. And I got to see baby alligators."

Courtney, "Today we went behind the scenes and fed jellyfish. We also got to hold jellyfish. We also fed sea turtles. I learned sea turtles like jelly fish!"

Christopher, "I learned that jellyfish can eat other jellyfish and my group I'm with have cool stories about touching jellies!"

Caitlin, "We got to feed gars and catfish and other fresh water fish. Also a guy named Keith came in and showed us a snake. I learned that snakes don't have eyelids or ears."

Wade, "I learned a group of fish can turn into a feeding frenzy."

Michael, "Today I watched jellyfish eat. I learned that jellyfish pull food to its stomach. I fed sea turtles, they like moon jellies. I got to pick up a moon jelly, I liked it."

Maddie, "Today I got to feed the hidden hunters tank. I learned that the Aquarium makes some of their own fish food."

Laura, "Today we went to feed the sea turtles. I learned that they like jellyfish."

Kelsey, "Today we fed the fish then we fed the touch tank animals. I learned that horseshoe crabs need to be hand fed. Then we fed a lobster and shark tooth reef. After that we went downstairs and cleaned the quails. Next we met Wilson the Duck. He's a funny little guy! Then we watched the alligators until it was time to go."

Kylee, "Today I got to feed a dead mouse to a cornsnake behind the scenes! I learned snake's jaws are not connected. And that some times snakes loose their fangs when they eat. And I got to see an albino snapping turtle."

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