Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final week of camp!

This weeks marks the last of Aquarium summer camp for the 2010 season. We welcome new Ocean Explorers and enjoy reading about their first day here:

Sophia: We fed the grouper squid.

Alex: Today my favorite thing was feeding the stingrays. I learned that they suck up their food.

Hanz: Today at camp, I had lots of fun. We got to feed the fish squid and well, fish. I also caught fish at the marsh!

Matthew: Today we did a lot of cool stuff. We went to the salt marsh and tried to go crabbing. We also got to go feed the ray tank. I learned how to feed a stingray.

Alana: I fed fish. I went behind the scenes.

Charles: We helped clean bird cages and went to see Wilson the duck behind the scenes.

Spencer: Today I went behind the scenes and quail holding needed to be cleaned. We also went and met Wilson the duck.

Jacob: Today my group was allowed to feed the stingrays. We fed them dead fish and squid. The cownose stingrays sucked them out of your hand, they felt like mini vacuum cleaners. Then we scattered the extra food. It was a lot of fun.

Katherine: Today at camp we got to feed many different kinds of fish. We fed them squid, chopped fish, and gel pellets. We learned that some fish are more aggressive than others when eating.

Mary Elizabeth: Today at camp we went to the salt marsh and crabbed. Then at 1:00 pm we went with the aquarists to help them feed the fish. It was so cool!

Cameron: Today we went behind the scenes and cleaned out the quail cage. We learned that sea turtles have instincts.

Daniel: I got to feed stingrays, and they eat a squid and fish mix. When they eat out of your hand it feels kind of suction-y. I also had lots of fun.

Mary Beth: Today was a very good day. We played games and had fun. We went to the salt marsh. I got a shrimp, but it got away. Next we had lunch. Then we saw a movie. Then we fed the fish. And we made sand pictures.

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