Friday, August 6, 2010

A Day of Sand, Sun, and Feeding Animals

On the fourth day of Animal Keepers Aquarium summer camp the ocean explorers made their way down to the beach to have some fun in the waves. Afterwards, they were back behind the scenes to work like Aquarist. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Jonathan, "Today we went to the beach again! That was really fun! We also fed some animals, like sea snails, hermit crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, and baby horseshoe crabs! P.s. I caught a bunch of fish at the beach including a really big fish which I called Super Fish!!"

Erin, "What I learned from aquariology was how to feed dead mice to a snake and 'baby sitting' a diamondback terrapin."

William, "Today I got to feed some fish and crabs. They were very cool."

Catlin, "We got to feed jellyfish and loggerhead sea turtles today. I learned that jellyfish suck in their tentacles when eating and digesting."

Kylee, "Today I got to feed all different types of sea creatures. I learned that horseshoe crabs have ten eyes and that sea stars eat squid! It was cool to watch!"

Courtney, "What I learned today is that snapping turtles have really long tails, arms, legs, and heads and they bite really hard."

Maddie, "Today I got to feed moon jellyfish a krill mixture. We also fed three moon jellyfish to loggerhead turtles."

Kelsey, "We fed three mice to a snake. He didn't eat it until we left. After that we cleaned a diamondback terrapin turtle's cage and I got to hold her. She seemed much happier after that."

Wade, "I like to feed the loggerhead sea turtles."

Laura, "Today we got to see a lot of animals."

Maren, "Ok, so today me and my group fed a snake three little mice (they were already dead). Then we cleaned out a turtle's tank, then we fed worms to the baby turtles. The baby turtles were so cute and tiny!"

Emily, "Today I fed mice to a eastern king snake. After that I cleaned a diamondback terrapin turtle's tank. Finally I learned that a diamondback tank needs to be cleaned once a week!"

Chris, "Today we cleaned filters that clean the turtle's tank."

Kailey, "Today behind the scenes we fed different fish some shrimp. We fed squid to the crabs and shrimp to sea stars. We saw a horseshoe crab and got to put the squid in the legs of it. We also saw sea urchins and fed it a gel made out of vegetables and vitamins."

Michael, "Today I cleaned filters and looked at different animals and even saw albino turtles."

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