Monday, August 16, 2010

Ocean Explorers Become Animal Experts!

On the third day of Aquarium summer camp the Ocean Explorers visited the salt marsh and learned how to feed several different animals. This is what they had to say:

Katherine, "Today we fed the seahorses and the salt marsh exhibit. I learned how to tell the difference between male and female seahorses. We fed the salt marsh exhibit squid, fish flakes, and little pellets. The seahorses got brine shrimp."

Charles, "I observed that rat snakes eat more mice than venomous snakes. I also learned that snakes like to consume their food head first."

Hannah, "I learned that jellyfish eat different stuff."

Matthew, "Today I learned that alligators are good climbers and Squiggles needs a new cage."

Cameron, "I learned that king snakes eat venomous snakes. Snakes like to eat their prey head first."

Spencer, "We learned that they have to work as a team to feed the venomous snakes."

Alex, "I learned that tree frogs can eat their food in less than three seconds."

Jacob, "Today I learned what different kinds of turtles eat. We also learned how fast frogs eat."

Hanz, "Today I learned to tell a boy seahorse from a girl seahorse!"

Daniel, "Today I saw an escaped alligator! It was in a water filter. We also saw frogs, lizards and turtles! It was fun!"

Alana, "Today I got to feed the jellyfish. It was fun."

Corbin, "Today I learned that king snakes eat venomous snakes, and the venom doesn't do anything. I learned that rat snakes eat alot."

Mary Elizabeth, "Today we learned that they breed their own seahorses and how to tell them apart. Then we fed the salt marsh exhibit fish pellets and fish flakes and chopped squid."

Marybeth, "Today we went to the beach. We swam and had fun. Then we came back and had lunch. Then we fed the jellyfish."

Sophia, "I fed the sea nettle jellyfish."

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