Monday, August 16, 2010

The Final Summer Camp Day has Arrived!

As the Aquarium bids farewell to summer camp for the year, the ocean explorers reflect on their week of fun, fish, and adventures! Here is what they had to say:

Corbin, "My favorite part of this week was feeding the jellyfish! The jellyfish are clear but when it ate the food you could see the food in it."

Katherine, "The best part of this week was getting to feed the stingrays and seahorses. I learned how to tell the difference between male and female seahorses."

Marybeth, "My favorite thing in the week was going to the beach."

Matthew, "I learned about being a bunch of different types of biologists and fed organisms."

Mary Elizabeth, "The best thing I learned this week was that the Aquarium breeds their own seahorses."

Cameron, "I loved feeding the animals this week! I learned some new things this week."

Daniel, "My favorite thing was seeing the alligator behind the scenes. My second favorite was feeding the shark!"

Spencer, "This week I loved that we got to be animal keepers and my favorite part about that is that we got to watch them feed the sharks."

Charles, "This week my favorite part about being an aquarist was getting to clean the quail and pet Wilson."

Hanz, "This week I learned that being an animal keeper is hard work, but it is also fun!"

Jacob, "My favorite part this week was feeding the stingrays. My group went in front of lots of people and hand fed the cownose rays. This week was a lot of fun!"

Hanna, "Today I learned how to imitate an alligator and quail sound."

Alex, "My favorite part was feeding the stingrays."

Alana, "We learned how much fish are in the big tank."

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