Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Three: The Adventures Continue

On the third day of Animal Keeper summer camp the ocean explorers lived the life of an Aquarist by helping feed the animals and clean out their living spaces. Here is what they had to say about their experience:

Wade, "I learned that rays are sometimes aggressive."

Michael, "Today I watched the snakes eat the mice and rats. It was cool. I learned that snakes eat animals whole."

Jonathan, "Today I learned how to feed jellyfish to the turtles!! We also went to the beach!"

Maren, "Today me and my group fed some of the fish already on display! It was still awesome!"

Emily, "Today I got to cut up dead fish into little pieces. We fed the fish in the conservatory and shark tooth ledge!"

Kylee, "Today I got to feed sea nettle jellyfish. I also got to feed the three loggerhead sea turtles some moon jellies. It was so cool to watch! I learned that a single polyp can have 15 jellyfish! And that the aquarium keeps their sea turtles a year."

Erin, "Today I got to cut up food for fish. I learned that all fish need to eat their food cut in different ways."

Kailey, "Today behind the scenes we fed jellyfish. I got to hold a moon jelly! It felt like a blob of jelly! We also fed live moon jellies to the sea turtles! I learned that one polyp can hold up to 10-15 jellyfish at a time."

Maddie, "Today I got to chop up food for yellow stingrays. The food felt slimey. I learned that two squids and two fish are enough food for two days."

Caitlin, "We prepared food for the stingrays and fed them today. I learned that sting ray's stingers can grow back after you cut them."

Kelsey, "First we helped chop up some of the food. It was really gooey! Then we fed the catfish, the albino turtle, and one of the big tanks. After that we fed 'Shark Tooth Ledge' again. It was alot of fun!"

William, "Today I got to go and feed jellyfish that turn in a ball when we feed them sea nettles, and I got to pick up a moon jelly. I also got to feed diamondback terrapins moon jellies and they swallowed them whole."

Courtney, "Today we went to see the snakes we fed. I learned that snakes have scales that grip the ground so they can move."

Laura, "Today we watched them feed the snakes and that was cool."

Christopher, "I have learned that snakes digest their food very very slowly and it's really cool!"

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