Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ocean Exporers Blog 4

Another day of fun in the sun, plus behind-the-scenes learning opportunities. Here are log entries from our 10- to 12-year-old Aquarium campers.

Peyton: "My favorite activity was behind-the-scenes, because I saw a sandbar shark." "Extreme animal - the fidder crab. It can dig into the ground to hide from predators."

Sarah R: "My favorite was canoeing, because we went to Zeke's Island." "We learned about sea turtles on the coast."

Anica: "My favorite was seeing the sea turtle." "The rock fish -- it blends with the rocks."

Jackson: "The canoe trip was my favorite, because we saw a stingray." "My favorite extreme animal was plankton, because some types turn into other animals."

Jessie H: "Going behind the scenes -- I got to see a baby sea turtle." "The moon jellyfish -- we learned about its life cycle."

Jessie R: "My favorite was going behind the scenes to see animals, because I got to see sharks sticking their fins out of the water for the first time." "Today I learned about coral, and the different abilties it has to catch plankton."

Tommy: "Behind the scenes, because we got to see crabs and turtles." "Sharks have a black top and a black bottom, for camouflage."

Katie F: "I learned a lot behind the scenes." "Plankton can change into different animals."

Katy G: "My favorite activity today was canoeing. It was my first time, and it was fun." "I learned about plankton. Some plankton can change."

Kolten: "My favorite thing today was going to Zeke's Island. I saw a stingray." "Coral can swim in the underwater."

Kelly B: "My favorite activity was canoeing, because I have only been once before." "I learned about plankton. Plankton can be an animal or a plant."

Chase: "Canoeing was fun. Seeing a stingray was cool." "An octopus can shrink to the size of its beak."

Chris: "I liked the backstage tour, because it was educational." "I learned that some jellyfish have points that release from the tentacles when it touches something."

Kaylee: "I enjoyed canoeing and going to Zeke's Island." "Jellyfish -- a type of plankton, no brains, stingers!"

L.J.: "Canoeing; we saw a live manta ray." "Coral needs lots of sunlight."


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