Monday, August 1, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

A new gang of Ocean Explorers started today, with a new camp theme, Extreme Animals! Here are today's blog entries:

Sophia: "I liked Wilson the Wood Duck because it was fun to learn bird facts." "I learned about a shark: a shark is a FISH."

Simon: "We got to see Wilson. He jumped on people. Wood ducks have green feathers on their heads, and the males are even more colorful."

Laura K.: "My favorite activity was taking a walk, because I saw a buck and a Great Blue Heron." "An extreme animal is a polar bear. They have thick layers of hair and their bodies are black."

Hannah: "I liked seeing Wilson the Wood Duck. He was very interesting. I learned stuff I' ve never known before. I learned about how males look different than females." "The extreme animal I learned about was the narwhal. It is interesting to know they use a huge tooth to fight."

Michael: "My favorite was meeting the duck, because he was jumping all over the place." "Polar bear was the extreme animal I learned about today; its adaptations are its fur and its teeth."

Alyssa Cribb: "My favorite activity was making paper, because it is something I've never done before." "I liked learning about the narwhal; it has a tooth for fighting."

Erin: "My favorite activity was watching Wilson the Wood Duck. He pooped twice. As we were putting him away he flew away and jumped on me and Alyssa .... He is adapted to live in the swampy woods."

Anna: "My favorite activity was making the boat." "I learned about penguins. They swim and eat fish and slide on their bellies."

William: "Wilson the Wood Duck was so cute and colorful." "The narwhal's adaptation is its tooth. It grows up to a foot and it uses it to fight."

Mason: "Wilson was my favorite ... so fun to watch him." "A great white shark's adaptations are its flippers, and the flippers help him swim."

Emily: "When Wilson came he would not go into his cage and he walked on the back of my legs." "A polar bear is an extreme animal that is warm blooded."

Savannah: "Making the shadow box was fun and it was very creative." "The narwhal uses its horn to fight."

Laura: "My favorite activities today were meeting Wilson, and making paper. I also liked making my diarama." "We learned about whales and how they have blubber to move around easily."

Emily Grace: "My favorite activity today was arts and crafts, because I love to use creativity." "Today we learned about Penguins ...."

Kerrigan: "My favorite activity was meeting Wilson, because he flew onto Alyssa's leg." "A polar bear has two layers of fur and his skin is black."

More tomorrow!

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