Friday, August 12, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Last day for our last group of Ocean Explorers for this summer. What was today's favorite activity? What did they learn about an "extreme animal"?

Jessie: "Taking the tour was my favorite. I saw some new stuff." "The king snake. It has no venom, but it will eat other snakes."

Jackson: "My favorite - the kingsnake. I got to pet him. The kingsnake eats rattlesnakes."

Sarah: "My favorite activity was touching the snake." "We learned about snakes."

Katy G: "I liked touching the snake. His skin was so smooth." "My favorite extreme animal was the girafffe. It has a 22-lb heart."

Anica: "I finally overcame my fear of snakes by touching a kingsnake." "The whale is an extreme animal ... its awesome song."

Kolten: "My favorite was going to the Megalodon exhibit, because their teeth are huge." "A kingsnake - it eats rattlesnakes."

Kelly B. "I liked touching a kingsnake, because who gets to touch a snake every day?" "Today I learned about the great white shark. They are the largest top-predator shark."

Jessie R. "My favorite activity was exploring the Aquarium, because there are so many fascinating creatures." "Today I learned about the kingsnake and its appetite for venomous snakes."

Peyton: "My favorite activity was touching the snake." "Kingsnakes can eat venomous snakes and can process the venom."

Katie F: "I liked touching/petting Hunter Helpington the 9th (the kingsnake) because I liked the name!" "My favorite extreme animal is the Megalodon, because I like its big jaws."

Kaylee P: "I enjoyed touching the kingsnake. The kingsnake easts venomous snakes."

Chris: "I liked learning about a kingsnake, and it was really cool. I learned that a kingsnake eats other snakes."

Chase: "I enjoyed meeting Hunter Helpington the snake." "A hyena's bite is stronger than a lion's bite."

Davis: "Touching a snake was awesome!"

L.J. "My favorite was the Aquarium tour. We saw the Megalodon exhibit." "A hyena -- it looks like a dog but it is not."

Tommy: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing the fish." "A peregrine falcon can fly 200 mph."

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