Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Today our Ocean Explorers made T-shirts, went canoeing, went for a swim, explored the touch-pool, and continued learning about "extreme animals." Some memories of the day:

Savannah: "My favorite was making the shirts, because it was fun painting." "I learned that a hermit crab uses its shell to hide from predators."

Michael: "I liked canoeing, because it was fun paddling." "A crab's adaptations are its claws and its eyes."

Anna: "My favorite activity was swimming in the lazy river today." "My favorite extreme animal that we learned about was the star fish. They have suction things to help them walk."

Mason: "My favorite was making the shirts, because it was really fun to paint." "I learned about the hermit crab. It hides in its shell."

Erin: "When we went canoeing (was my favorite)." "The swimming hole was perfect for swimming." "I learned about the decorative crab. It uses other shells and urchins to "decorate" its shell, or for camouflage."

Emily: "Going canoeing was fun. It was really fun going in the lazy river." "Extreme animal: the otter. It lives in the kelp forest."

Kerrigan: "My favorite was making our camp T-shirts, because I made seafoam green." "The emperor penguin stays above ground during the winter. They huddle together to keep warm."

Laura: "Canoeing was my favorite today. It was so much fun going to Zeke's Island." "I learned about crabs. Their eyes are on the top of their heads."

William: "Making the shirts. It was fun painting the fish and writing your name on it." "I earned about sea urchins. Their adaptations are its spikes. They used them to protect themselves with the spikes' venom."

Alyssa: "I loved canoeing and making shirts. Canoeing ws fun because we got to play at Zeke's Island. And making shirts is like a camp tradition that I have done for 5 years." "I liked learning about sea stars. They can grow their arms back if they lose them."

Sophia: "I liked going to the beach, because we got to work together." "Humpbacks eat thousands of krills."

Emily: "My favorite activity was painting a fish and putting a print of it on a green T-shirt." "An extreme animals that I learned about today was a crab. Its eyes are on stilts on top of their heads."

Hannah: "I liked canoeing, because I never canoed in the front of a canoe before." "I learned about a sea anemone, and they are related to jellyfish."

Simon: "Making the shirts was fun!" "Penguins can't fly!"

Laura Ellen: "My favorite activity today was going canoeing." "A sea otter has fins so it can swim in the water."

More coming tomorrow!

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