Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ocean Explorers 3

Here are log-book entries for Wednesday, from our intrepid Ocean Explorers. They describe their favorite activity of the day, and tell what they learned about an "extreme animal."

Jackson: “My favorite was the beach, because I got to boogie board the whole time.” "Some starfish species can regenerate themselves."

Sarah: "Going behind the scenes, because it was fun.” “We learned about the sea turtles and how they migrate.”

Chris: “I liked it when we learned about sea urchins because I learned a lot about them. I learned that sea urchins are vegetarians.”

Peyton: "Making shirts, because I had a lot of fun.” “Emperor Penguins – they can grow to be 5 feet tall.”

Jessie R: “My favorite activity today was painting green T-shirts because it made me excited to wear a shirt I made.” “Today I learned about many creatures of the Galapagos Islands. The iguanas have adapted to marine life and do not live in the water.”

Jessie H: “I had fun making the T-shirts!” “The sea urchins curl using their spikes.”

Katie F: “My favorite activity today was the T-shirt making because it was a craft.” “I learned about deep sea animals and that they can go under tons of pressure!”

Kelly B: “I liked going to the beach because it started raining.” “We saw a star fish. It sticks its stomach out of its mouth and dissolves its prey.”

Kaylee: “I learned that the Arctic tern travels 50,000 miles.”

Chase: “The beach because it was so fun boogie boarding.” “Starfish because if you cut them in half they will grow back.”

Katy G: “My favorite activity today was getting rained on at the beach. I liked it because the rain water felt so good.” “I learned about the box jellyfish. The Australian ones are venomous.”

Tommy: “Getting to see and touch starfish and sea urchins.” “Galapagos iguanas that can dive and eat the algae that grows on rocks.”

Anica: “Making the box jelly." “The box jelly strings are poisonous.”


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