Friday, August 5, 2011

Ocean Explorers 5

Our Ocean Explorers log their last day at camp. They describe today's favorite activity, and what they learned about an "extreme animal," and its adaptations.

Mason: "I liked touching the snake, because it felt really scaly." "A black rat snake can climb really well."

Emily: "Today my favorite activity was taking the tour and learning about all the animals." "Today I learned about an anteater. The anteater is a mammal."

Simon: "The dive show was really cool!" "A chameleon camouflages by changing colors."

Hannah: "My favorite activity was touring the aquarium, because it was really cool." "I learned that the bush baby is the smallest primate."

Michael: "I liked meeting the rat snake, because I got to touch it." "I learned that the black mamba is the fastest snake, and it is venomous."

Erin: "My favorite activity was touching the rat snake. It was the cutest snake I have ever seen (besides my corn snake)." "The bush baby -- the bush baby can jump 20 feet!"

Anna: "My favorite activity was going to the top of the fish tank." "My favorite extreme animal was the black rat snake. They shed their skin."

Kerrigan: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes, because we got to see baby animals." "A black rat snake squeezes its prey before eating it."

Laura K: "I liked seeing the snake. The snake is very beautiful." "I learned that the peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world."

Savannah: "I liked touring the Aquarium, because we got to see the Megalodon exhibit." "Snakes -- they use their forked tongue to sense direction."

Alyssa: "I loved touring the Aquarium, because the Megalodon exhibit was very good." "I like the African lungfish because it can go four years living in mud even though it has gills."

Laura: "My favorite activity today was touring the Aquarium. I liked doing that because I got to see all the different animals and exhibits." "The cheetah is my favorite extreme animal -- it can run extremely fast."

Sophia: "My favorite was meeting the rat snake, because we got to pet it." "The extreme animal I learned about was the Nile crocodile. It is the largest crocodile in Africa."

William: "Going behind the scenes, seeing animals I never knew about." "The giraffe's adaptation is its long neck and legs, so they can reach tall things."

Emily: "I liked seeing the snake, because we got to touch it." "I learned about the ostrich, and that it has 3 eyelids."

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! (Tune in again Monday, when another group of Ocean Explorers comes to the Aquarium!)

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