Monday, August 8, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

Today we welcomed the last of our Ocean Explorers for the summer. They started out their week visiting the tide pools of the only rocky outcrop on the North Carolina Coast -- it's very near the Aquarium! They also met Wilson the Wood Duck, they studied about "extreme animals" of the Arctic, and then they made shadow-box dioramas to illustrate what they learned.

Kolten: "I enjoyed the craft, because we got to make collages of extreme polar animals." "I learned about the Arctic Tern, which is a bird that migrates the farthest of any animal."

Katie F.: "My favorite activity was making the shadow box, because the creativity part was really fun." "I think Wilson the Wood Duck was cool because his feathers were waterproof."

Katy G.: "My favorite was going to the rocky outcrop. I liked it because I found some cool shells." "I learned the Wood Ducks camouflage to their surroundings."

Peyton: "Wilson the Wood Duck had cool adaptations." "The polar bear has adaptations; his skin is really black so it absorbs heat."

Sarah: "My favorite was Wilson, because he was interesting." "We learned about birds and how they are related to reptiles."

Chase: "Seeing Wilson the duck was my favorite activity, because he is so funny, and very interesting." "The great white shark is extreme because it can live for days in brackish water."

Jessie: "My favorite was meeting the duck Wilson, because I didn't know that much about ducks. A duck lives up to 20 years."

Kaylee: "My favorite thing today was going to the coquina rocky outcrop. I found a crab exoskeleton." "I learned about the Arctic tern. It travels 50,000 miles."

L.J. : "I liked finding all the sharks' teeth. I liked it because you got to impress others with what you found." "I learned that the wood duck molts to get rid of germs."

Anica: "I enjoyed finding cool seashells and sharks' teeth, because I haven't been able to do so (before)." "I learned about the leopard seal. It lives in Antarctica."

Chris: "My favorite thing today was to meet Wilson, because he pooped everywhere and flew everywhere." "I learned that the Arctic Tern is the farthest traveling animal ever."

Kelly: "I liked seeing Wilson the Wood Duck because he went crazy; he was flying and jumping out of the cage." "I learned about a polar bear. They have black skin and then two layers of clear fur. The look white from the reflection of the sun."

Davis: "My favorite was the rocky outccrop, or you can call it the coquina." "I learned that the penguins swim to find food instead of flying."

Tommy: "My favorite was when we went to a rocky outcrop and found a starfish and a hermit crab." "I learned that giraffes are extreme animals. They have to have long tongues so they can reach leaves."

Jackson: "My favorite was when we met Wilson the Wood Duck. I liked it because he attacked my friend." "I learned about the penguin. It has feathers that can withstand hundreds of degrees below zero."

Jessie: "My favorite today was going to the coquina, a group of mossy rocks with an abundance of wildlife, becuase I enjoyed finding and watching the animals." "I learned that the Wood Duck has many adaptations, such as molting feathers, webbed feet, and its bill, to survive in bodies of water."


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