Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Yesterday our campers went to the beach, learned more about "extreme animals," and went on a behind-the-scenes tour. After lunch, they had fun making masks of aquatic creatures they've been learning about. Here are some of their notes:

Emily Grace: "Today we went behind the scenes and saw a flounder. I named it FishyFishy Flounder. It is a cool name." "The deep sea animal that we learned about was a deadly jellyfish, and if it stings you you will die."

Sophia: "I liked going to the beach, because we got to surf big waves." "One extreme animal is a sea snake. It can stay under water for 8 hours."

Emily King: "I liked the beach because the waves were just right." "An angler fish is a deep-sea fish and he has something on his or her head."

Laura: "I had a lot of fun at the beach." "The shark has scales that are rough, and if you magnify it it looks like teeth."

Kerrigan: "We got to swim and play in the sand." "An octopus can change its texture and color. An octopus squirts ink at you to escape."

Laura Ellen: "My favorite was going to the beach and playing in the water." "Giant squid can squirt out ink so they can get away from their predators."

Mason: "I found two shark teeth at the beach." "The angler fish is cool because it has a light coming out of its head."

Alyssa: "The waves at the beach were epic." "I learned the angler fish has a light so it can see in the deep sea."

Simon: "My favorite was going behind the scenes." "The whale shark is the largest shark."

Erin: "The water at the beach was perfect. Even though it was high tide, the waves were easy to dive or jump over." "The angler fish is a deep-sea fish with a light-looking thingy on top of its face."

Anna: "My favorite was playing on the beach." "The extreme animal I learned about was the octopus. They have 8 arms and a big head."

Hanna: "I liked going to the beach because I like swimming." "Extreme animals I learned about: Box jellies and angler fish -- they use bioluminsescense."

Michael: "The beach was really fun." "The octopus is one extreme animal I learned about. Its adaptations are 8 arms, and it has no bones."

Savanna: "My favorite activity was behind the scenes, because it was fun to learn about the animals." "The box jellyfish uses bioluminescense."

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