Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Today our campers made their own paper with recycled fiber, and used it to make covers for their daily logbooks. They also explored the Aquarium's behind-the-scenes life-support and holding areas, saw a sea-turtle film, and made sea-creature masks. Oh, and they went to the beach for a swim!

Jessie: "Today my favorite activity was making sea-creature masks, because I enjoyed seeing my paper plate slowly evolve into a cuttlefish." "I learned about the loggerhead turtle and its 30-year-long from the coast of America to nearly Africa!"

Chase: "My favorite was behind the scenes, because it was very interesting." "The extreme animal I learned about was the sea turtle. It travels so far!"

Sarah: "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes, because it was fun." "We learned about sea turtles and how they migrate."

Kelly: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing the frog fish, because I haven't seen it before." "I learned about a humpback whales, and how they talk to each other by 'singing.'"

Jessie: "Going behind the scenes -- it wuz fun!" "I learned about the loggerhead turtle and its life cycle."

Peyton: "My favorite activity was behind the scenes, because I saw some cool underwater animals." "The loggerhead can act like a leaf at the top of the water."

Davis: "I liked going behind the scenes." "The angler fish has a little light on its head. The little light attracts prey."

L.J. "My favorite was behind the scenes, because we learned about the Aquarium!" "I learned about the loggerhead turtle. It goes back to where it was born."

Katy: "My favorite part of today was going to the beach. I rode tons of waves and had fun with my friends." "My favorite extreme animal was the sea turtle. I learned the route they swim."

Kolten: "I liked playing at the beach, cause I rode my boogie board." "The extreme animal I learned about was the loggerhead sea turtle. They swim a long distance."

Kaylee: "I liked the movie about the instincts of a turtle, because every animal has instincts." "The angle-fish lives in pitch blackness at the lowest depths of the sea and it has a little light to attract prey."

Jackson: "I liked the beach because I boogie-boarded the big kahuha!" "I liked the angler fish, because it has a lure to lure in prey."

Chris: "Today I liked going to the beach, because you get to play with everyone." "I learned that a loggerhead turtle is born on land."

Katie F. "My favorite activity today was going to the beach, because I liked going under the waves." "I learned about sea turtles, and learned that turtles can swim around the world."

Anica: "We made angler fish masks today. It was fun." "The extreme animal and its adaptation: the angler fish has a light that attracts prey."

Tommy: "We went to the beach and caught some waves." "Humpback whales travel from the Antarctic to the Caribbean."


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