Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 4

It's day four for our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers! Today's adventures included canoeing and a Behind the Scenes look at the Cape Fear Shoals. Let's see what our campers had to say...

Nikolas, "I liked crabbing the most because I enjoy catching fish."

Brendan, "I learned that certain predators have special adaptations to catch their prey."

Corbin, "My favorite activity was getting to see the turtles. I liked it because I learned that the turtles on land have a round shell and the ones in the water have a flat shell."

Cameron, "I learned that a turtle is both a predator and a prey."

Cassidy, "My favorite activity was going up to the top of the Cape Fear Shoals tank."

Sachi, "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes."

Savannah, "My favorite activity was going canoeing because I was helping."

Katelyn, "Today Ocean Explorers went canoeing. We saw Zeke's Island and swam. It was amazing."

Elena, "My favorite activity was being on top of the big tank."

Mat, "My favorite activity was going canoeing."

Check back tomorrow for our final update from our second group of campers!

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