Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Day 3 of our Ocean Explorers summer camp was a blast! Our campers were boogie boarding and making book covers from recycled paper as they continued to learn about predators and prey. Let's see what they had to say...

Carmen, "I loved boogie boarding and just playing around on the beach because all my friends were here."

Charlie, "I liked everything today from the Behind the Scenes Tour to the beach, the paper-making to the movie. It's been the greatest day so far."

Emerson, "I learned that baby alligators are a prey to many things."

Anna-Poe, "My favorite activities were the beach and the saltwater tour and Wilson the Duck because they're fun!!!"

Kay-Kay, "I have two favorite activities. 1) Going to the beach and fighting waves. 2) Going to the saltwater Behind the Scenes. I just love sharks."

Ella, "Today I learned that Sandbar sharks stay by the sandbar because the fish swim around that area."

Ross, "Meeting Wilson and Behind the Scenes were my favorite activity because I like seeing things in real life."

Bekah, "My favorite was meeting Wilson the wood duck."

Alex, "I like the boogie boarding because I always hit the big waves."

Sara, "I learned that wood ducks eat acorns . Wilson the wood duck taught us about ducks too."

Jack, "The beach because the big and little waves were fun."

Check back tomorrow for more updates from our campers!

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