Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 4

Day 4 of summer camp found our 10-12 year old campers exploring Behind the Scenes and making predators and prey out of clay. Let's see what our Ocean Explorers learned...

Charlie, "My favorite activity was viewing the Cape Fear Shoals tank from above, but making the predators and prey out of clay, the fossil pit, squiggles the alligator, and the beach were close."

Sara, "I learned that crocodiles eat caterpillars (when young). We had fun making up predators and prey by making up creatures with clay.

Anna-Poe, "My favorites were looking behind the scenes and the beach because it was fun and cool!!"

Jack, "Fossil finding was my favorite activity because I found shark teeth."

Bekah, "Going behind the scenes for the big tank and making clay animals were my favorite activities."

Emerson, "I liked it when we met squiggles. We even got to touch him. And, by the way, squiggles is an alligator."

Alex, "I liked digging a hole for fish instead of them being in the cooler."

Ella, "My favorite activity today was making clay figures. I enjoyed this because I like making up unique creatures."

Carmen, "Today I learned about animals. They are either prey or predators."

Kay-Kay, "Today I learned that every food chain has an apex or top predator and mosquitoes like to eat us (especially me)."

Ross, "I liked looking at the dive tank because it was cool seeing fish of all kinds together peacefully."

Check back tomorrow for another update from our campers!

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