Friday, June 17, 2011

Junior Volunteers Earn Experience

All employers seem to want job candidates with “experience.” In today’s competitive job market, experience counts more than ever. But how can a young person get it?

Sometimes, VOLUNTEERING is the answer. Volunteering can be a valuable educational experience for young people seeking to broaden their horizons and beef up their resumes. Offering time and services to an organization an opportunity for hands-on experience in specific tasks as well as an inside look at how an organization operates. That’s important, because employers screen job applicants based not only on the amount of experience they have, but also how applicable that experience is to the job in question.

At the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher, Junior Volunteers interested in marine biology assist Aquarium staff in daily tasks needed to keep the Aquarium running smoothly. Junior volunteers not only gain valuable work experience, they also have fun. And volunteering at the aquarium is an opportunity to be active and productive on weekends and during long breaks from school; Junior Volunteers are never bored!

For more information, check out the NC Aquarium’s website, or the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s Junior Volunteer Facebook page.

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