Monday, June 27, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog: Week 2

Our second week of summer camps has officially kicked off. Let's see what our second group of 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers had to say about their first day...

Nikolas, "I learned that most animals are predators and prey."

Elena, "My favorite activity was making animals you get to make up."

Corbin,"My favorite activity was going to the beach. We got to see animals on and under the rocks."

Brendan, "I learned that there are many types of predators and prey. I also learned what they eat."

Cameron, "I learned that the corn snake is prey."

Katelyn, "Today Ocean Explorers went to Rocky Outcrop and I found a broken shell. We also got to see and pet a corn snake."

Mat, "I liked making clay animals because we made up our own."

Cassidy, "I learned that herrings eat baby alligators."

Savannah, "I learned that predators eat the fish and prey do not."

Sachi, "My favorite activity was making the clay animals. I liked it because we could be creative."

Check back tomorrow for another update from our campers.

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