Monday, June 20, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog

Monday kicked off the 2011 NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher Summer Camps. See what our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers had to say about their first day!

Sara, "My favorite activity was going to the marsh and letting periwinkle snails slither on my hand."

Emerson, "I like crabbing and net fishing at the marsh. I caught a fish and some gross shrimp."

Bekah, "I learned about the food web."

Anna-Poe, "I learned that the predator eats the prey."

Alex, "On the first day it was crabbing. I was partners with Ross and Jake and we caught a fish and a baby crab."

Kay-Kay, "I enjoyed the freshwater conservatory tour because we got to see all these living things that come from North Carolina."

Carmen, "Today I loved catching crabs because I had a good partner. We caught two crabs (wow!)"

Charlie, "I learned that in the food chain, plants are called producers and animals are called consumers."

Ella, "I learned that plants are the main producer of the food chain."

Ross, "The conservatory was my favorite activity because you can look at the animals in real life instead of looking at pictures."

Jack, "Swimming was my favorite activity. I need to practice!"

Keep checking back for more updates from our campers!

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