Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Day 2 for our second group of Ocean Explorers found our 10-12 year old campers recycling paper, and going behind the scenes to learn more about the Aquarium and the animals that live there. Let's hear what our campers had to say...

Corbin, "The octopus was my favorite part because it did a whole bunch of tricks."

Sachi, "My favorite activity was going behind the scenes. I liked it because we got to see all the animals."

Brendan, "I learned that a lion fish has a new predator."

Savannah, "I learned that a duck is both predator and prey."

Cameron, "I learned that humpback whales have a predator called a cookie cutter shark."

Cassidy, "My favorite activity was when Miss Jen brought out Wilson the wood duck and we went to the conservatory. I also liked going to the beach."

Elena, "We learned about ducks and how they lose their feathers."

Nikolas, "I liked going to the beach because we all had the most awesome time."

Katelyn, "Today, Ocean Explorers went to the beach and Behind the Scenes. It was very fun! At Behind the Scenes, we saw tiny seahorses and an octopus."

Mat, "My favorite activity was going to the conservatory."

Look back tomorrow for another update!

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