Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aquarium Spreads Awareness for World Ocean Day

The ocean sustains us, regulates our climate, and provides a place for fun and relaxation. Why not return the favor? Take a special day to honor the great body of water responsible for so much life on the planet.

Celebrate World Ocean Day. The annual eco-friendly holiday will take place on Wednesday, June 8, and the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher plans to celebrate with some special programs. In accordance with this year’s theme Youth: The Next Wave for Change, the schedule includes an interactive Geodome presentation for eighth grade students in the Aquarium’s auditorium at 1:45 PM. Aquarium guests can also view a special “Plastic Reduction” display with informative ways to reduce the use of plastic in our lives.

Guests may also explore carts with various themes set up around the Aquarium, including sea turtles, whales and dolphins, shells, and marine debris. The Nature Swap will be set up from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM where visitors can trade their own discoveries for other treasures found in nature such as shells, shark teeth, snake skins, or fossils.

World Oceans Day is held every June 8th, and is coordinated by The Ocean Project (theoceanproject.org) and the World Ocean Network (worldoceannetwork.org). For more information, including a comprehensive list of events locally and globally, please visit the website of World Oceans Day (http://worldoceansday.org).

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