Friday, June 24, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Today was the final day of camp for this summer's first group of Ocean Explorers. Let's see how they enjoyed their day...

Sara, "I learned that moray eels are actually blue."

Kay-Kay, "I learned that sharks are very much apex predators."

Ross, "My favorite activity was probably touring the area because I can see all the stuff."

Alex, "I liked catching the large minnows when we were at Rocky Outcrop."

Jack, "I learned that nothing eats eels but us."

Carmen, "I liked going to the Rocky Outcrop. We did not see much but we still had fun."

Ella, "Today I learned that sharks seem like they want to eat me."

Emerson, "I learned that Megalodon's eat whales!"

Charlie, "My favorite activity was the private dive show because it was only for campers."

Anna-Poe, "My favorite activity was the dive show because they told us things we had never heard before."

Bekah, "I liked eating cake and going on the tour."

Check back next week for updates from our second set of Ocean Explorers!

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