Friday, July 29, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Today they finished up the week with a presentation for moms and dads in the auditorium. Before lunch, a lady from the wildlife rescue center introduced them to a recovering pelican and explained how to help birds in trouble. Here are some of their memories...

Sydney: "It was really a fun week. I enjoyed everything, because I got to have fun with my friends. We got to touch velvet pelicans because you don't usually get to pet one. We learned we should not litter fishing lines because it can hurt birds. Also, if a nest is lying on the ground with a bird without feathers, put it in a clean container with a towel on the bottom."

Hampton: "I liked the pelican because it was so cool." "If you find a bird without feathers on the ground put it in a Cool Whip container because it is small and comforting."

Ryan: "I liked lunch, because I was hungry." "I learned it is not good to keep wildlife."

Noah: "I liked meeting birds. We touched the pelican." "What did I learn? Don't look birds in the eye, or they will be scared."

Elena: "I liked the dive show." "When saving birds, pick them up with a towel."

Alex: "My favorite thing was to see a pelican." "If you find an injured bird, bring it to Ellen at the Sea Biscuit Wildlife Center."

Kelly: "I liked touching the bird because it was softer than a blanket and I have never done that before." "I learned that you can pick up a baby bird if it is on the ground and it has no feathers or its eyes are closed."

Andrew: "I liked everything." "I learned that monofilament lines take 600 years to break down, and there are a lot of cigs that we need to pick up."

Another group of Ocean Explorers starts blogging next week!

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