Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camper Chronicles: Day 1 starts the Circle of Life

The start of summer camp this week marked a new chapter of the Camper Chronicles, with the focus on the animal circle of life. The first day of camp for the Ocean Explorers was adventurous, after learned about invertebrates, the campers set off to the Rocky Outcrop to search for the creatures. This is what they had to say about their journey. Enjoy!

Jonathan, “I learned that a blobby purple animal we found is a rubbery bryozoans.”

Alex, “I learned the life of a jellyfish.”

Nathan, “I learned that rubbery bryozoans are real. I learned that moon jellies don’t sting.”

Mikaela, “I learned that crabs are invertebrates.”

Zachary, “Today I learned that certain types of jellyfish don’t sting you. One type of jellyfish that don’t sting you are moon jellyfish. We got to pet a moon jellyfish.”

Tate, “I learned about the rubbery bryozoan, which is a blobby gooey animal.”

Scott, “I learned that the moon jellyfish do not sting. I also learned about other invertebrates, and I learned that jellyfish bring the food right to their stomach.”

Stay tuned for tomorrow when the Ocean Explorers continue their guest writing for the Camper Chronicles!

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