Friday, July 17, 2009

Camper Chronicles: Week Four / Day 4

The fourth day of Circle of Life camp the campers learned about reptiles, and their circle of life. Enjoy!

Camden, “Today I learned that if the box turtle’s eyes are red or yellow it’s a boy, and if the eyes are brown it’s a girl.”

Jenna, “Today I learned that alligators eat other alligator’s babies.”

Ali, “I learned how to tell crabs apart from boys and girls.”

Yasmine, “Something I learned is that all reptiles shed their skin.”

Ashley, “Today I learned that the box turtle’s eyes can tell you their gender! Males have red or orange eyes and girls have brown!”

Mary, “I learned that turtles are connected to their shell. That’s so cool!”

Maddie, “Today I learned that all reptiles shed something.”

Jonathon, “I learned that reptiles have backbones and turtles shells grow like their body.”

Stay tuned for the Ocean Explorers final day of camp!

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