Friday, July 17, 2009

Camper Chronicles: Week Four / Day 3

Day three of Circle of Life camp involved a canoe ride over to Zeke’s Island to swim and search for animals in the salt marsh. Here is what they had to say about their experience.

Yasmine, “One interesting experience I had today was when we went to Zeke’s Island and saw a dogfish shark.”

Cammie, “The coolest thing I saw today was a little dog shark.”

Jenna, “Today I went swimming in a swimming hole on Zeke’s Island. We canoed to get there.”

Ashley, “Today we went to Zeke’s Island, and we saw a small dogfish shark! It was so cute!”

Ali, “A fun, interesting, and good experience was when we went to Zeke’s Island and swam.”

Charles, “The coolest thing that happened to me was seeing a dogfish shark.”

Maddie, “I had fun canoeing because it was my first time. I had a blast swimming.”

Mary, “Today we canoed to Zeke’s Island. In the tidal pool there was a small dogfish shark. It was soooo cool!!”

Jonathon, “We went crabbing and swimming, and we caught the biggest crab ever, plus I overcame my fear of canoes.”

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