Monday, July 13, 2009

Camper Chronicles: Day Four

Day four of Circle of Life camp revolved around learning about different animal life cycles. The campers learned about the lives of jellyfish and sea turtles. This is what they had to say about what they learned.

Zachary, “I learned that the life cycle of jellyfish is similar to the life cycle of an Anemone.”

Tate, “Today I learned about the sea turtle life cycle, the turtles go where nobody knows.”

Scott, “I learned that a turtle’s brain is very small, and I learned how to find a sea turtles nest. I also learned about other sea turtles, and that the female is the only one that does on land. “

Jonathan, “I learned that the middle of the turtle life cycle is a mystery.”

Alex, “I learned about the life cycle of a jellyfish and turtle.”

One camper was simply amazed with the sculpture on display in the front of the Aquarium.

Nathan, “I learned what was made out of metal outside. They are Spadefish.”

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