Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camper Chronicles: Day 2

Day two of Circle of Life themed summer camp was exciting and humorous for the Ocean Explorers. They learned all about crabs by going crabbing, and having an animal encounter with a hermit crab. They seem to love their camp experience! Enjoy reading what they had to say.

Zachary, “The best part of my day at camp was when we went crabbing. I caught a blue crab.”

Scott, “My favorite thing was crabbing. The funniest thing was the hermit crab trying to flip over. My favorite animal is a crab. I think summer camp rocks.”

Nathan, “Going crabbing was my favorite time today. So far this camp is awesome.”

Alex, “I really like this camp. The counselors are great.”

Mikaela, “I have the best counselors in the world. Their names are Andy and Jenny.”

Jonathan, “I liked fishing, swimming, and this is the best camp in the world.”

Most campers enjoyed crabbing the most today, but Tate got a good laugh out of the hermit crab encounter, which Ms. Renee projected on an overhead screen. This is what he had to say.

Tate, “What the funniest thing that happened was when Ms. Renee stuck her eyeball in the overhead projector, and when the hermit crab went to the bathroom on the screen.”

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