Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Touch new animals at the touch tank!

Two new additions have a new home at the Aquarium. Short-spined sea urchins and flat-clawed hermits were welcomed into their new habitat this week.

The short-spined sea urchin is commonly found along inshore shallow water areas and sandy bottoms. They have short spines, and can adorn themselves with debris to provide protection from predators. Flat-clawed hermits live from sub-tidal areas to the low tide line along the Atlantic coast. They are unusual because they are not striped like most hermit crabs. They are a pale off-white color, and have two unequal in size flat claws that lock together to form an operculum when the crab withdraws from its shell.

Next time you walk by the touch tank, make sure to stop by and ask a volunteer to point out the new inhabitants!

*Special thanks to Melissa Johnson for the information
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