Friday, July 3, 2009

Camper Chronicles Day Four: The Animal Encounters

The campers have been introduced to several interesting animals throughout the week. For the blog today they wrote about their favorite animal. Enjoy reading what they had to say!

Teddy, “I never knew a snake can smell through his tongue.”

Rachel, “My favorite animal in the aquarium is Luna the albino alligator. She is so cool being albino, and also having red eyes.”

Maddie, “Today my favorite animal I got to see was the sea anemone. When I put my finger in it, it would close up. It’s a really cool creature.”

Melissa, “Today I learned that mosquitoes find you by smelling the carbon dioxide you breathe out. So cool!

Max, “One interesting fact that I learned is that non-venomous snakes have solid colored eyes and venomous snakes have slits in their eyes.”

Ben, “I learned that sea turtles go lay their eggs where they were born.”

Other campers just enjoy splashing around in the water.....

Spencer, “The best part was going to the BEACH!”

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