Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camper Chronicles: Day Two

Summer campers at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher are learning much, meeting new friends and having fun! Below are their day two blog entries.

Rachel: "The best part of today was canoeing to Zeke's Island. I got to be on the front of the canoe and killed myself rowing in the heat. On the island, we swam and saw a little shark.

Ashley: "The height of my day was that we saw a cute baby shark on Zeke's Island. It couldn't have been more than a week old!"

Teddy: "The best part of the day was when we used our sense of smell to see what kind of jelly bean we are eating."

Maddie: "My favorite part of the day was when we went canoeing and swam at Zeke's Island. We swam in the tide pools and saw a baby shark. It was awesome."

Max: "On the 2nd day of camp, we made snakes out of toilet paper rolls. I had a lot of fun making mine with feathers and crazy designs."

Melissa: "The most fun thing that happened to me today was when we did the jellybean activity. It was so fun to do and it was very, very funny."

Ben: "The coolest thing that happened was that we caught a shark and let it go."

Spencer: "The best thing that happened today was practicing our taste by eating jellybeans."

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