Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frog Calls!

Today the campers learned about communication and how frogs call. Read about their fun day.

Today I learned about animal communication. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Jonathon: Frogs are the churpiest animal that communicate.

Alyssa: Today, we learned about frogs and their sounds. Like how they call to each other. I can't wait for what's in store tomorrow!

Maddie: Today we learned how frogs call.

LJ: Today we learned about different frog calls.

Lindsey: Today, I learned how frogs use noises and sounds with their mouths.

Melissa: Today I learned how frogs call their mates.

Sydney: Today I learned about how frogs communicate. They communicate with sounds. It depends on what frog it is for its sound. We played a game and my sound was for a spring peeper. I had to go around the room saying, "peep peep" to see who was my partner. That's what we did.

Ted: I learned that frogs make different noises to communicate or attract mates.

Cameron: We learned that frogs make noises. We had a great time at the beach!

Spencer: I learned about frog calls!

Alexia: I learned about frog calls and other animal calls.

Abby: I learned about hearing and that frogs call their mates.

Arianna: Today we went to the beach and we learned about frog communication.

Laura: I learned that different types of frogs have different calls. Some of them sound very weird.

Zachary: I learned about how animals talk to each other. I went swimming in the ocean and we made clay frogs.

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