Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week Three, Day 4

Addison: What I learned today is that a baby alligator can call for its mama. Isn’t that cool?

Peyton: I learned that alligators call for their mom. And I learned that frogs are cold blooded.

CJ: I learned that alligators hiss for their mom when they’re scared.

Justin: I learned that today turtle’s shell is a bone and that they will die if they come out of their shell. Today was really fun!

Louis: I learned when an alligator hisses, it is calling its mom.

Hunter: What I learned today was to crawl like a green turtle.

Garrett: What I learned today is an alligator hisses to call their mom.

Owen: I learned that frogs and turtles are cold blooded. A baby alligators pees when scared.

Ashlyn: We learned about reptiles. My favorite was the alligator. When a baby alligator is scared his eyes bubble and he cries for their mom.

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