Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week Five Campers Arrive!

The Aquarium welcomed more summer campers for its fifth week of camp. Read about what they did on their first day!

Week Five, Day One

Jeremiah: I liked the salt marsh because we caught crabs and fish.

Wade: I like going to the salt marsh and getting crabs.

Tanner: My favorite part of today was getting to see Wilson. Wilson is a wood duck and the reason I like him is because he is very cool.

Robbie: My favorite part of today was catching crabs (fish too), watching Wilson and doing sand art.

Jalen: I liked the alligators because of the way they hiss.

Connor: My favorite part of today is seeing Wilson because he was so funny in so many ways. He’d jump on you, then squawk; then turn around and he’d just do so many funny things!

Elena: Wilson the duck was fun because it was just fun and cool.

Speed: My favorite part was the marsh because I caught crab and 3 fish.

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