Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Week Three, Day 2

Owen: I liked the little puffer fish we caught canoeing. Canoeing was hard on the way over. The way back, I paddled hard the whole time.

Tyler: What I liked best about canoeing was the fact that you could drive the boat even if you didn’t have a license. Animal was a baby stone crab that I named Kingler. He was a boy. I think crabs are cool. Can’t wait until tomorrow!

Addie: I loved everything about canoeing. It was so much fun. I loved catching the crabs.

Hunter: My favorite thing when we were canoeing was when we caught the puffer fish.

Peyton: What I liked about canoeing was that I was in Ms. Stephanie’s group. I saw a baby flounder when we got to Zeke’s Island.

Louis: My favorite part was when I caught a pipefish.

Garrett: My favorite thing I caught was the grass shrimp I caught.

Justin: I was the first one to row the canoe down to the island and it was fun. My favorite animal was the baby pufferfish.

Bobby: My favorite part of the canoe trip was when I caught a pufferfish.

Carter: My favorite part of canoeing was when I caught the giant crab.

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