Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week Three, Day 3

Ashlyn: I learned about invertebrates like sea stars, sea urchins, crabs and anemones. My favorite is sea starts. They are so cool. I just can’t wait ‘til tomorrow!

Hunter: I learned that it is hard for fish to survive in the rocky outcrop.

Bobby: Today I learned about invertebrates. I learned today octopus can change texture.

Garrett: I learned that univalves are sea snails with one shell instead of two.

Owen: I learned that it’s hard for a lot of fish to survive in the tide pool and saw a lot of life in the tide pool.

Peyton: Today I learned about inverts and what they eat and where they live. When we were at the rocky outcrop, I saw a lot of inverts.

Justin: I learned that fish and other animals can’t survive if they are out of their habitat. I also learned that the channel whelk gets its name from the “swirl”.

Louis: What I learned today is that invertebrates have no bones.

CJ: I learned that there are tiny hermit crabs.

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