Friday, July 23, 2010

Week Five, Day Four

Connor: Today we learned about touch and how useful it is...sticking our hands in slime along the way.

Jalen: My favorite thing today was how to use a cast net on Zeke's Island and on my first try, I caught a fish!

Jeremiah: Canoeing was my favorite because we went to an island and I learned how to canoe!

Robbie: My favorite part was learning to throw a cast net and catching fish.

Speed: I learned that the water can get really deep at the Zeke's Island water hole we swam in!

Wade: We learned how to canoe and how to throw a cast net.

Tanner: Today I learned how to canoe. Canoeing was the most thing we did all week in my opinion.

Elena: I learned what you can catch in the water hole at Zeke's Island and it was also fun to swim in.

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