Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week Six, Day Two

Canoe was the word of the day! Campers/bloggers share their experiences.

Kerrigan: Today, I learned how to canoe. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Abbi: Today I went canoeing. It was so cool! We canoed to Zeke's Island. We also learned about snakes. Did you k now that a snake's tongue is split? It also smells with its tongue.

Johnathan: I learned about some unloveable animals with bad reputations.

Teddy: Today I learned about how to tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator.

Maddie: Today I learned how to canoe. I am really good at holding the paddle.

Zachary: I learned about some animals and played at an island and canoed there.

Sydney: Today we learned how to canoe. It was so much fun. The counselors taught us how to turn forward, left, right and back. Some safety tips were if you're in the middle don't go and scoot or try and look at something or you will tip over the canoe. That's what I learned today.

Alyssa: Today we went canoeing. I learned how to steer and how to turn. I also learned that you must not panic in a bad situation and that you must sit in the middle or the canoe will tip over.

Arianna: Today was awesome! We went to Zeke's Island. We canoed there. Today we learned also learned about smelling. Yesterday it was about sight.

Lindsey: Today we went canoeing. Today I learned more about canoeing and more about snakes and alligators.

Spencer: My favorite part was to canoe to Zeke's Island. I also learned about smelling.

Cameron: Today we went canoeing. We had a great time. We learned that snakes tongues are split so they can smell on both sides.

LJ: Today I learned how to canoe better.

Laura: Today at camp I learned how to canoe. It was so much fun because we got to go to Zeke's Island. It was really fun!

Melissa: Today I learned that Aquarium camp gets more fun every year!

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