Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week Four, Day Three

Although the campers were disappointed that they couldn't make it to the beach, they enjoyed making crafts and meeting moon jellies! Read more below...

Walt: Today at camp I learned about sharks. People didn’t know that sharks bite people until 1916. They thought it was sea turtles and other fish, but it was really sharks.

Hannah: Today it rained. So we didn’t go to the beach. We went to the touch tank and behind the scenes. Then we touched a jellyfish. It was a moon jelly so it didn’t sting.

Leah: I learned about moon jellies. That they cannot hurt people. It was fun and funny.

Alex: I learned that if sharks go extinct then there would be no more scallops.

Jenna: Today I learned that sharks are not likely to attack you and we were also going to go to the beach, but it was lightening, thundering, and raining, so we are going to make it up.

Erin: Today I learned about invertebrates. Invertebrates have NO backbones. A moon jellyfish is an invertebrate.

Mary Margaret: Today I learned that it is not that common to get bitten by a shark. In fact, proven by science, it is more common to get bitten by a New Yorker than a shark. Also, sharks have ten times better eyesight underwater than us.

Maddie: Today I learned that Jaws the movie is based off of somewhat true stories in 1916. I learned that at the shark presentation we went to.

Cammie: Today was fun because we got to touch sting rays, a moon jelly and a huge hermit crab. I learned that moon jellies can’t thing me because my skin is too thick.

Yasmine: I learned that you are more likely to be bitten by a New Yorker than a shark.

Jacob: Today we got to see a moon jelly. I learned that they don’t sting as bad, so we got to touch him. Right after we touched him, we had to wash our hands.

Alana: My favorite part today was touching the jellyfish because not a lot of people get to touch one.

Hudson: My favorite part about today was us doing clay. We made invertebrates.

Tommy: I learned that moon jellies can’t sting.

Ben: I learned today that megalodons are extinct.

Lexi: Today we continued the process of making the yarn craft. We learned a LOT today. We learned that a moon jelly doesn’t sting as bad, what shark teeth felt like, went behind the scenes and to the touch tank. Fun, fun, fun!

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