Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week Four, Day Four

Sea turtles and sand! ^ A camper learns how to make sea turtle tracks in the sand.

Lexi: Today we learned about sea turtles! We also went to the beach…the waves were big! We played a sea turtle game!

Alana: I learned the ways we harm animals and how to stop them.

Camden: Today I learned about reptiles and how to tell an alligator and a crocodile apart.

Tommy: I learned how to tell alligators from crocodiles.

Jacob: Today we learned about reptiles and how sea turtles have different tracks. We saw an alligator, snake, and a box turtle. The alligator was a baby, he was so small.

Hudson: The best part about today was that we got to touch reptiles like snakes and turtles. Today we also went to the beach.

Mary Margaret: Today I learned how to tell a crocodile from an alligator. Crocs have long pointy noses and alligators have rounder ones.

Walt: Today I learned how to make a leatherback track. It was really cool.

Ben: I learned that sea turtles have small brains.

Erin: Today I learned about reptiles. My favorite was the sea turtles. I even met an alligator.

Maddie: Today I learned how to make different turtle tracks. It was so much fun!!

Yasmine: Today I learned the characteristics of reptiles, amphibians and other animals.

Hannah: Today I learned the reptiles carry sicknesses. I had lots of fun. We saw a snake, alligator, and 3 turtles.

Leah: Today I learned how alligators and crocodiles are different, like in their color.

Jenna: Today I learned about different kinds of turtle tracks and we got to make them in the sand. I had a great day.

Alex: I watched a movie about alligators. I learned that a crocodile is more independent than an alligator.

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