Friday, July 23, 2010

Week Five: Last Day!

The campers say goodbye to the Aquarium today, but not before telling us a bit more about their experiences!

Jalen: What I learned today was that dolphin use echolocation to find their food. It's so cool because I thought only bats did it.

Tanner: The thing that i learned is that there are megalodon teeth in the fossil pit.

Speed: I learned that sea turtles don't only eat jellyfish.

Elena: I liked learning how to canoe this week and learning about different animals senses.

Jeremiah: I liked all of the fun activities that we did this week and learned a lot about senses.

Robbie: My favorite part about today was learning about how small sea horses are when they are born.

Wade: I learned how to canoe and how to play a new game about dolphin echolocation.

And perhaps Connor summed it up best...

Connor: Today as well as all week, i learned how to have an ultra fun aquarium camp with fun games and more. To all reading this, I hope they could have the same great experience as me!

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