Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

Yesterday kicked off the third week of our Ocean Explorers summer camp. Let's see what our 10-12 year old explorers said about their first day.

Gage, "Today I worked with sandbar sharks. I helped feed them."

Kylee, "My favorite activity was feeding the sharks because it was an awesome experience."

Kelsey, "My favorite thing I did today was feed the sharks because it was cool watching them get fed, but even cooler to feed them."

Reagan, "Today I worked with the sand bar sharks and I helped the aquarist."

Brandon, "I fed the sand bar sharks. That was my favorite activity."

Mary, "I really liked going to feed the sand bar sharks. It was fun to learn about them and what they eat."

Courtney, "Today I worked with sharks. We had to feed them and cut up fish."

Danny, "I fed the sand tiger sharks. That was my favorite activity."

Abby, "My favorite activity was when we made recycled paper for our nature journals. I liked that activity because it was fun and it was recycled."

Alexia, "I helped feed the fish and I saw them eat REALLY fast."

Spencer, "The animal I worked with was the shark. I helped to feed them. My favorite activity of the day was lunch."

Maddie, "My favorite activity was dropping the food in the tank and watching the fish attack."

Cat, "I helped feed fish behind the scenes. I got to feed bass. We fed the fish at shark tooth ledge."

Helena, "I worked with sharks today. I also cut up fish for bass."

Devann, "Today, I worked with sharks. There were six sharks. I also went to the salt marsh to catch blue crabs. Nobody caught anything."

Erin, "Today, I worked with Sand Bar sharks!Our other duty was to feed them. We also went to the salt marsh, but I liked the sharks waaayyyy better!"

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