Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 4

Today was day four for our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers as they learned about taking care of animals. Let's see what they said...

Gage, "We got to feed the octopus and we fed them shrimp and ice cubes so we could see them work at it."

Kylee, "My favorite activity was finding the touch tank because we got to touch all the creatures."

Reagan, "I thought touching the shark was fun because it was cold."

Danny, "My favorite activity was petting the snake."

Spencer, "Today we took care of the jellyfish. Feeding them was required to keep them healthy."

Maddie, "I liked when we cut up the fish and fed them to the touch tank because it was a new job."

Kelsey, "My favorite activity today was feeding horseshoe crabs because it was fun being able to do that."

Mary, "I liked going to the beach. It was fun even though I got trampled by a wave, the counselors helped me get out!"

Courtney, "My favorite activity was feeding the touch tank. We got to hold animals."

Brandon, "Today we took care of fish. We had to make the water good for them."

Erin, "My favorite activity was going to the beach. We were diving under and jumping over like 20 ft waves. Awesome!"

Devann, "Touching the snake was my favorite thing because they felt weird."

Helena, "I liked feeding the octopus because they are smart."

Abby, "My favorite activity was when I fed the touch tank animals fish and squid (fresh)."

Cat, "My favorite animal keeper activity was petting and learning about snakes and turtles."

Check back tomorrow for our final update from this group of Ocean Explorers!

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