Friday, July 15, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Today our Ocean Explorers wrapped up their week of adventures and penned the last entries in their log books. Let's see what they had to say:

Andrew: "I went to the new Megalodon exhibit. I liked it because there was a movie. We also went to the top of the big tank and saw the fish."

Caleb: "I liked going to the fossil pit because I found some teeth and crushing plates. I also took care of the sharks by feeding them squid and mackerel and other fish."

Charlie. "I liked going to the Megalodon exhibit. It was the biggest shark I have ever seen."

John: "My favorite thing was looking in the fossil pit."

Ben: "We took care of jellyfish. They eat brine shrimp."

Kelly: "I liked seeing the Megalodon because I wanted to see how big it was. We also learned that we have to feed the sharks at the same time as the other fish but at a different place in the big tank."

Lauren: "I liked finding things in the fossil pit, and we got to got to go the top of the Cafe Fear Shoals tank."

Louis: "I liked the fossil pit because it was full of fossils and teeth."

Hunter: "The Megalodon jaw was as big as me. We also learned about horseshoe crabs. We put them in quarantine and fed them fish and squid."

Ian: "I always like the touch tank."

Jacob: "We went behind the scenes in the Shoals tank, and we learned what a one-hour firewall is for."

Bobby: "We went behind the scenes. My favorite part was the laboratory."

Justin: "I liked the tour of the aquarium. Got to see a fish called a jackknife fish."

Hannah: "My favorite was Cape Fear Shoals, and learning how they get fed -- with scatter feeding and target feeding."

CJ: "Megalodon was my favorite exhibit. The jaw is so big."

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